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Near the River

Directed by Ada Vilageliu Díaz

A documentary about the role of women eco-leaders, their communities, and the environmental heritage of the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C.

Near the Riverdocuments the cultural and environmental heritage of the Anacostia River and its impact on East of the River residents. This documentary focuses on the stories of women eco-leaders and community members about their relationships to the river after years of pollution and environmental neglect. Near the River features women eco-leaders who have redefined environmentalism, community activism, and our relationship with Mother Earth in the District. This film is based on the DC-WE project by Ecohermanas sponsored through a DC Community Heritage Project Grant by Humanities Council of Washington, DC. 

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Film Festival Selection

Near the River Goes Around the World

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Green Me Film Festival

Los Angeles 2016

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Zaragoza, Spain 2016

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Special Screenings

Films: Past Events
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Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum



National Park Service 

DC Historic Preservation Office

Piscataway Nation

Three Part Harmony Farm

Community Farming Alliance

Earth Conservation Corps

Social Justice Artist Caryl Henry Alexander

The First Gathering of The National Congress of the Black American Indians and “All Our Relations”

Historian Dr. Gail Sylvia Lowe from the Anacostia Community Museum 

Afro Outdoors

Anacostia Watershed Society

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Cast & Crew


Directed by

Ada Vilageliu-Díaz

Produced by

Ángela Adrar

Ada Vilageliu-Díaz


Edited by

Josep Vilageliu


Tommy Duren

Interview Team

Rabiah Al Nur

Angela Adrar

Kari Fulton

Assistant Production

Ayisah Yusuf

Laly Díaz

Based on the Project DC Women Eco-Leaders, DC-WE  

Nosotras Somos DC


Brenda Lee Richardson, MSW

President of Chozen Consulting, LLC

Rabiah Al Nur

Director/Founder of Spring Of Light

Natalie Proctor

Piscataway, Museum Director

Cryztal Proctor

Piscataway, Graphic Artist Conoy Creations

Chardé Reid

Assistant City Archeologist, DC Historic Preservation Office

Mia L Carey

Zoologist, DC Historic Preservation Office

Akima Price

Urban EE and Community Action Strategist

Brenda Richardson

Ecofeminist MSW, President of Chozen Consulting, LLC

Karen McCoy

Anacostia resident

Yvonne McCoy

Anacostia resident

Alyce McLendon Chenault Gullattee


Reverend Marjani Dele

Minister and Permaculturist

Bokor Iya Mari Brown

Priest, Temple of Nyame

Gail Taylor

Farmer and Founder of Three Part Harmony Farm

Iantha Gantt-Wright

Founder of the Kenian Group

Raynard Smith 

Earth Conservation Corps

LaShauntya Moore

Earth Conservation Corps

And the kids

Kingston Saul Cowan

Angelica Evie Cowan

Gathering of the National Congress of Black American Indians

Jay Winter Nightwolf

Originator & Host of “The American Indians’ Truths”

Jai Gola Waya Sunoyi

Cherokee, Shoshone, Taino – NCBAI Founder & Director

Nana Kwabena Brown

Priest – Temple of Nyame

Chief Margarito Asqueno

Maya Lenca, Nahuatl of Mexico, Central & South America

Cacike Roberto Mukaro Borrero

United Confederation of Taino People

Mother Romi Encinas

The Yaqui Nation

Rabiah Al Nur

Cheyenne/Blackfoot/Powhatan/Cherokee Grandmother, healer

Iya Motilewa Osunnui

Director of the Domestic & International Program

Iya Mari

High Priestess of Temple of Nyame

Bo Manbo Abena Disroe

High Priestess of Vodoun, NCBAI Council

Dr. Daryl Thorne

Pamunkey, Mattaponi, Cherokee

Constance Morigneau

Salish Kootenai Nation of Montana

Maimouna Youssef

African/Choctaw/Cherokee, Vocalist, Songwriter, Emcee & Poet

Rev. Graylan Hagler

Pastor Plymouth Congregational Church of Christ

Tony Regusters

Seminole, Former Interim General Manager of WPFW

Dr. L. Akilah Karima Mc Daniel

NCBAI Board of Directors

Baba Yumi Steve Hooks

Cherokee, Blackfeet & Creek, Native flute

Penny Gamble-Williams

Chappaquiddick Wampanoag, Activist, Scholar, Musician, Radio host, Artist

Mwalim M.J. Peters, Wampanoag

(google Groovalottos)

Dr. V. Abena Nia Shell


Katherine Cromwell


Lynetta Barrow


Professor Verona Iriarte

Cherokee, Taino

Films: Text
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