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I wrote poetry as long as I remember. It was only when I attended Howard University and met Naomi Ayala that I took it seriously. Thanks to her encouragement and editorial reviews, I got my first poems published.

Al pie de la casa blanca

Knocking on the Door of the White House: Latina and Latino Poets in Washington, D.C.

This bilingual poetry anthology was published by Zozobra and edited by Luis Alberto Ambrogio, Carlos Ayala, and José Ballesteros

Hand Writing

Al pie de la casa blanca: poetas hispanos de Washington, DC

This poetry anthology was published by the Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española (ANLE) and edited by Luis Alberto Ambroggio y Carlos Parada Ayala.


Forthcoming: Horizontal Rain/Lluvia horizontal

My first book of poetry will be published soon

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Forthcoming Novel: Tierras de Arena Negra (Lands of Black Sand)

For the first time in years, I'm writing in Spanish. This book originated in a Taller Literario with Mayra Santos Febres in Puerto Rico. The book is about the story of a woman of Canary Island descent who is looking for her roots. She is somehow connected to an indigenous African Guanche woman in the Canary Islands who lived during the conquest and enslavement of her people.

Poetry: Latest Work
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