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Writings on Community Empowerment and Engagement 

Happy Childhood

"By and for Latinx Community Members: Mi Libro Mi Espejo Story Time" 

Ada Vilageliu-Díaz, Claudia Díaz, and Diana Atenco-González

This article was written with my students about how we created a virtual story time project for the Latinx community and we ended up supporting BIPOC families and writers during the worst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Rare Positionality: HBCUs, Latinx Emancipatory Rhetoric, and Counternarratives in Higher Education

Abstract: Although the Latinx community is not a monolithic group, we cannot ignore the cultural and sociolinguistic background of Latinx students in our classrooms, the places where they come from and their previous educational experiences in the US. The role of the writing instructor is to help students reach the learning goals and objectives specified in the syllabus. More specifically, the role of the writing instructors at HBCUs should be to help students unlearn oppressive discourses by teaching rhetorical strategies rooted in a legacy of emancipatory writings. Using The University of the District of Columbia as an example of an urban HBCU with a noticeable Latinx population, this essay explores the ways in which the teaching of composition can empower and serve urban Latinx students to find their unique voices and positions when writing in a language capable of communicating their “realities and values.”


Published in Critical Humanities 

guanche cave.HEIC


An article about the personal impact of creating a community writing project for my community and my own discovery about my roots. 

Scholarship: Recent Books
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