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Creative Community Writing Salon

Free virtual gatherings for everyone

The focus of the virtual writing salon is to encourage participants to create new narratives and storytelling strategies in order to empower and support both new and experienced creative writers. The program specially encourages the telling of marginalized, silenced, or suppressed stories in our own voices such as those from immigrant, BIPOC, or LGTQB+ communities. We welcome participants from DC and from other parts of the country or the world. Participants can also write in their native languages. 


Goals and Objectives:  ​

  • Help produce writing that empowers, liberates, and heals 

  • Provide a safe space for all voices and perspectives 

  • Create and strengthen our community

  • Write, share, and support each other 

  • Inspire new literary voices

The workshops are designed for all skill levels. Each session will include a creative writing prompt and participants will have 20 minutes to write. At the end of each session, those who want to share their writing can do so. This will be a supportive space where writers can safely share work on any topic and support each other develop their craft and prepare their work for publication. We will meet on the second Friday of every month at 12:30 pm EST. This program is free and will be offered on WebEx.

Contact to sign in to participate. 

For creative writing courses and more structured feedback, we recommend the creative writing classes of the UDC English Program. Contact for more information.